where can I download TI Connect CE version 5.4 or 5.2 in english?
TI-Planet has it in their archives: https://tiplanet.org/forum/archives_voir.php?id=2304163 . But why do you want the older versions?
are you sure it does it in english when you download it, for when I download it it is in dutch. should I use a sub ip adress?
I mean, it's also available here: https://education.ti.com/en/-/media/files/download-center/software/cdn/ti-connect/5.4/ticonnectce-

But the language issue is something on your side, as far as I know.

I'm wondering the same as Kerm, however. It's not like the app forces you to update to the latest OS, for instance!
this is also dutch, even by use of VPN in America
so clearly ti is not working much on english for dutch computers
Louis Vossebeld wrote:
this is also dutch, even by use of VPN in America
so clearly ti is not working much on english for dutch computers
My unfounded guess would be that your Windows system language is set to Dutch, and it's just using that.

Edit: In case you're not aware, you can add alternative/secondary languages, and switch between them: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/manage-display-language-settings-in-windows-219f28b0-9881-cd4c-75ca-dba919c52321
the language set to english in win 7 doesn`t work like this with the ti program download
now the question is, that if I download an english ti connect CE will it then automatically turn up to be in dutch om my computer?
how to bypass this?
Change your computer settings...

But also windows 7 is obsolete. Starting from a sufficiently recent Win10 you can choose a specific Lang per app.
edit: for input, actually (but maybe not display?)
that was the question, is there need to change computer settings or change the source from program ti connect CE? and if so, what settings? the problem is not new...you look very sure win 10 does this very well, but is that a fact or just a wish?
I read it from this https://superuser.com/questions/766400/make-language-change-specific-to-window-app-not-whole-system-windows-8-1

You can use google just like me lol
it says keyboard language, is that also program language?
Err, yes, the display language might not be changeable per-app, I was reading this in other tabs.
And I assume the app looks at the system language and not the input, but who knows.

But can you try changing your global language and see what happens, at least?
Then switch it back when needed.
I like that, I was trying to change global language and you say to change global language
I wonder if I download it with an USB english version of win 7 I get the english version of that ti program, that would mean I had to use it everytime I use that ti program, so be it
I think you're misunderstanding. You don't "get" a version or another. It's at runtime that the program uses different strings displayed on the screen, in the appropriate language. The app itself contains all the languages it supports already.

In fact since it's java-based, you might even be able to trick it by launching it overriding its property with something like -Duser.language=en somewhere (not sure where though, especially on windows)
truly amazing, to bother all the english in the netherlands by putting it this difficult to adjust
there is a simple way to change Java language in win 7 in the settings, but this doesn`t work, therefore I doubt it Duser trick works
That's probably different, the app embeds its own JVM and so it doesn't rely on external stuff like your installed Java's settings.
so I should trace the Java in the ti program and change it? lol
I was looking for Properties, it was there in ti Connect CE all the time under File - change language
it's dogged that does it - thanks everyone
still it is a mystery where exactly they get their indication from the original language from, it is certainly not smooth having to read a strange language first
Ah well turns out it's easy then, just needed to know that option is available and there in the menu (I doubt many of us use the menus though since everything is otherwise available on the window itself!)
thanks again, without your help I was not gonna look for it there
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