Hi all
I have been trying to find a specific manual in paperback for my TI-92 Plus. There are plenty of Guidebooks available on line (I have a couple), that are about 230 pages long. Their coverage of programming is very brief (3 pages, I think).

I am aware of a more comprehensive version of the TI-92 Plus Guidebook which is 623 pages long and has about 40 pages on programming. I have downloaded a pdf version, but like many older persons, prefer a paper copy. Does anyone have any knowledge of this longer manual? I would like to get a paper copy but found nothing available so far.

Does anyone have one to sell?
I found the same manual, but you probably don’t want to print that many pages. That would be 300+ double sided. While I was still working, I printed the TI Titanium manual, 1000+ pages. I would print about 50 pages each day, double sided.

You could probably just print the programming chapter if that’s what you’re interested in.
I believe the 89 and 92 series run the same AMS, so the documentation for the 89 applies to the 92 (and 92 Plus) as well. Knowing that, the TI-89 manual comes in two flavors (based on the contents of the CD that comes with the calculator): the 320-page guidebook (called "part 1" on the CD) that comes as a printed copy with the calculator, and the 1009-page "part 2" that includes a chapter on programming from pages 572 to 644.
It looks like the "part 1" book is a strict subset of the material in "part 2," based on a quick scan of the headings.

This tells me that there was probably never an official printed version of the full manual, so you'd have to print a copy yourself (or pay a commercial printing service to make a copy, of course) if you wanted one.
Thanks for your helpful suggestions!
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