Sorry if this is a duplicate but the search query just produced way too many false positives... Does anyone know where I can find documentation for the TI 84+ CE certificate format? According to other posts here it's well-documented, I just can't find where. appears to be correct for CEs as well as monochrome calculators.
Is there anywhere that documents the certificate fields? That site seems to only document a few of the fields, and has nothing about any of the fields I'm interested in...
The fields aren't publicly well documented. I believe this is mainly to prevent cheating. However, messing with the certificate is also dangerous and can permanently brick a calculator if your program does not function perfectly.

What fields are you interested in and why? You may not need to edit the certificate at all.
This relates to another question I recently posted:

While I was trying to figure that other issue out I discovered some certificate fields that create interesting behavior. I was hoping to use the documentation to understand why I'm seeing the behavior I am.

But I guess I'll have to reverse engineer it.
On an unrelated note, I love your YouTube videos.
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