TI-84 backspace with one single button has been implemented by matalog


I have a new question:
Can I change the default input mode of the calculator to Insert (2nd+del), and then use 2nd+del to switch the overwrite input mode?
If the input mode can be switched, then ti84 is closer to the input mode of the computer,It would be perfect if this function is implemented together with backspace, Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Please put the question in the original post instead of creating a new post that links to the old one. The post isn't that old. It wouldn't be considered necroposting, and may probably be okay to just reply to the original post.
I think 844 did the right thing. This post is about changing the default input mode, not solely about creating backspace. Smile

I believe this is hypothetically possible to some extent since HomeRun can launch programs at startup. However, I'm unsure if a permanent change of the input mode is possible and I do not have the know-how to make it happen.
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