So I'm using Output( to display a formula at the end of a program, and I was wondering if there is a way to display something right after another one without having to indicate the coordinates
For exemple, if I want to display A+2, I do:

But I would want it to be able the change in fonction of the A, which can be longer:
So if A is equal to 3, it would display: 3+2
But if A is equal to 10, it would still display: 1+2
When I want it to display: 10+2

I know that if I want that result I can't write Output(1,2,"+2" but idk what it should be so that it works
On the TI-84 Plus CE, you can do this by first converting the variable to a string with toString(, and then by checking the length of the string with length( and adding it to the initial drawing value. For example:


You can also use the method described by LogicalJoe below, it will end up with a smaller program size and be a bit better overall. On the CE, you put the value into the string with toString( like this:


If you're not using the CE, you can use the alternative method mentioned by LogicalJoe to convert the value to a string.
No this is not possible using Output( only.

It would be more efficient to store the entire equation to a string and displaying/returning the string at the end of your program:
Disp Str1

On monochrome calculators you can use this method to convert numeric variables to strings.
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