It's December, which means it's Advent of Code time again! If you don't know what Advent of Code is, it's basically an event where you receive two programming puzzles each day until December 25th, getting progressively more challenging as they go. It's a fun challenge to test your programming skills (And maybe learn some new ones as well!), which I'll be attempting to solve this year on the TI-84 Plus CE using a mix of C and assembly. However, the nice thing with AoC is you can do it on any platform or language you like (within reason, I suppose - your skills and knowledge are the limit!) While it's not nearly as impressive as this person who is attempting to do it in pure Z80 assembly, I still thought it would be fun, and I thought I'd share it here in case anyone else was interested. Yes, I know there's already an Advent of Code topic, but it's labeled as "2018" and I thought it might be nice to make a new one and maybe attract some new people. Who knows 🤷

I'll be putting my solutions here, but I'm not really the best programmer so don't expect too much. 😆

There's a private leaderboard with some people from Cemetech that PT_ owns, but I don't have the code for that, so if anyone wants to join mine the code is 933487-7e04771b. It already has a few Cemetechians on it from back in 2020 where I tried (emphasis on tried) to do it in TI-BASIC but sort of failed, so if you're looking to maybe give it a try feel free to join!
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