I have a suggestion for a project if anyone wants to take the challenge.

The concept of this would be a axe or asm program that takes a modded version of a game and integrates the modded version into the original version. The process I imagined was...
1) Ask for the mod and original game name
2) read through the original program and replace variables & code pieces from the modded version in a prioritized manner
3) run through the program and check for bugs such as...
a) Inconsistent variables
b) Invalid syntax
c) Corrupted pieces of code that could reset the RAM
Unfortunately this is basically impossible to make.
Consider the last item in particular. To implement that, you'd have to be able to tell if a certain piece of code could reset the RAM. And you'd need to have a piece of code that does that. Now say that you took that piece of code and made it into a program that reads its own source code and checks if it would reset RAM. If it finds that it does not reset the RAM, it resets the RAM. If it finds that it does reset the RAM, it exits without resetting the RAM.
Now what happens when you run the program? If running the program results in a RAM clear, then the program would detect that and not RAM clear. If running the program does not result in a RAM clear, then the program would detect that and clear the RAM. It's a paradox, so such a program can't exist.
This is a variant of the Halting problem, a well-known undecidable problem.
As Zeroko mentioned in IRC, there's a more general version of this called Rice's theorem, which basically says that for any non-trivial behavior you're interested in, you can't tell if an arbitrary program (including ones that possibly run forever) will exhibit that behavior.

It would probably be more feasible to make a version control tool similar to Git - if both the current version of the game and the mod were based on a common previous version of the program, you could merge the two and find locations where merge conflicts occur. This wouldn't help if you e.g. renamed a variable in the main game and inserted a line using it into the mod, but it would point out a lot of the issues.
Well it was just a suggestion. I didn't really expect anyone to take the challenge but I was thinking that a modding API would be really nice for some ti basic games. Of course the bug checking is not necessary, but if somebody wanted to implement something like that it would be pretty cool to see what they came up with. I am a ti basic programmer and have been coding for 4 years. so I am not the best at coding and I thought a ti basic game modder would make axe and ti basic start to intermix a little. Of course I suggested this because I don't know axe or asm, so I want to learn axe but can't seem to find the pointers. (Pun Intended)
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