Will North Korea test nukes?
 72%  [ 24 ]
 3%  [ 1 ]
They're bluffing
 24%  [ 8 ]
Total Votes : 33

See what you did, String::Ray?
Foamy, actually, it was your post that brought me back to this thread, so you're to blame... idiot. Razz
and Alex is to blame for bringing me back Razz (Not being argumentative...Wouldn't want to do that until like eleventy hundred more posts Razz ...More like 85 or something, idk. )

hmm...I must be around like 12% now? anyone have the exact number?
Sting::Ray wrote:
I think that this thread should be locked; it's always going off-topic and is fodder to flames against users. Neutral

So why should it be locked? Off-topic is hardly a rule violation, and you don't lock the thread just in case someone flames. That would be equivalent to arresting someone who owns a gun just because they could kill someone.
@Groene: 3.5%, I rewrote the algorithm to include factors such as post length, post time, and my current mood.
would you be willing to hand the administration here the algorithm so we can make judgments also?
A few questions Alex....Is a longer post better? Or is a shorter post? Possibly the level of argumentativeness in the post should also be factored in as well...(Not arguing, simply making it harder for myself to get finished with this little situation I put myself in here Razz )

What did you mean by post time? How quickly I respond? Or what time of day I post?

I really need to know these things in order to maximize my gain in percentage.

Very Happy
@Rivereye: No, but if Kerm asks, I'll gladly defend it to him Smile

@Groene: Any post over 1000 words will subtract 3%, anything under that will subtract none. Also, I can take back the 3% if the post is rambling and junk.

Time of day posted is a key. I won't tell you which time of day is best... (but it's based on a 24 hour clock in the EST time zone. And you want a bigger number, don't you?)

Also, I've decided to add a new factor. From here on out, the percentage will also be partially based on a multiplication times the number of Bawls I have devoured on the current date.
so...you want me to post at 11:00 at night in central time? At least I think that's right... Razz Hmm...I will have to use my psp, this won't be very easy.

I accept your challenge!!!
Wel,l, that depends... is 11CST = 12EST? And if it is, what hour is 0 in the 24 hour format?
Wow I'm royally confused. On Television when they say a show time it say 5/4 central. 4 'o'clock refers to central, so I think eastern is an hour ahead. And 0 would represent a new day...So exactly midnight equals zero. So at my place, I should post alot at 10:59 because thats 23:59 on an eastern time zone 24 hour clock. (At least I think Wink (I'm using that smiley as a queezy face...because that what it looks like... Razz )
Just a suggestion here, Alex, but you might want to consider adding spelling and grammar to the scale, along with how many people were rude to you that day.
At this rate I'll never pay off my debt. Laughing

I don't care though, because Kllrnohj actually agreed with me once. Razz

16:31:05 (C): Kllrnohj: dare I say this - but I like vista too...
16:30:52 (C): Groene07: why..I liked it.
16:30:41 (C): KeithJohansen: 10 minutes and I already hate Vista
lmao - thats truth in advertising right there.
*four-year necrobump* How did I miss that totally inappropriate image in Groene07's post?
KermMartian wrote:
*four-year necrobump* How did I miss that totally inappropriate image in Groene07's post?

Which post do you speak of? O_o

Also, how bad was the picture? >.>
Kllrnohj wrote:

So in short, no one would win. The amount that the US has is overkill. You wouldn't even need that many nukes to wipe out the planet completely. A nuclear war isn't one that will be determined by who has the most. And as far as I know, there is no possible defense against a nuclear weapon. Currently it is possible to "shoot down" missles with lasers, by causing them to denote in the air - which wouldn't work at all for a nuke, as detonation of a nuke is bad, regardless of its location

Sorry to necroquote, but I have to call kllrnohj out on that. Premature detonation is almost certainly the best scenario with regards to armed nuclear weapons. If you have a detonation from external sources, then all you're going to have is a fairly powerful dirty bomb. While still not exactly desirable, such an incident would release far less radioactive material than a full detonation. You probably wouldn't see anything worse than Chernobyl.
Qwerty.55 wrote:
You probably wouldn't see anything worse than Chernobyl.

You would get a much larger area of contamination from a "dirty-bomb" type explosion in the high atmosphere.
Well, I meant as in radiation levels, not area. Area wise, you could potentially cover a sizeable portion of the planet.
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