I am having a difficult time running a program I just wrote with my TI-89 to give me the Audio Power RMS from the values I plug in using Peak to Peak measurements from my scope as my values. I will list the program here as I entered it into the program editor. It keeps telling me I have syntax errors. Can anyone help me with this? My Email Address is<kharoldd@yahoo.com> I am a 76-Year-Young Vietnam Veteran with 2 College Degrees. I have been using TI Calculators all my life as an engineering Tech/Electronics Tech. I would really appreciate some help with this; it would make life so much easier for me at my service bench. - Sincerely, Ken DeWitt

:Input"Load Resistance=",r
: (((V*.3535)^2)/r)→P

Gee! In the early days of DOS, I used to program in MS-BASIC and GW-BASIC. Am I losing it?
I think it should be
:Input"Load Resistance=",r
: (((V*.3535)^2)/r)→P
If your intention was inputting all the data at runtime, the first line could to be changed to

Or, if you wanted to make it a function, you can execute

Define prms(v,r)=(v*.3535)^2/r

in homescreen.
Both methods seem to be working on my TI-89 with AMS 2.09.
This is KenMath again to say that I have tried all suggestions to enable my function to become acted upon. This is my program now, and it works as far as the input lines are concerned. When I input my values for Voltage and Resistance, it now gives me an error message saying "Invalid Program Reference." My current program listing is as follows:

Input"Load Resistance=", r

Can someone please just list a program that works on their TI-89 that enables this function in their response? Even the TI-89 Book is vague when I looked up the Define Command. It has been a long time since I have programmed any T.I. calculator, so I think I am really losing it. I could really use some help. What am I doing wrong? Sincerely, Ken DeWitt

I can be reached outside of this platform at <kharoldd@yahoo.com>
Here is what I keyed on my TI 89 Titanium. It ran OK. This is the code you had in the first program. The TI 89 reduced all the ((( to what is shown below.

I dug up a TI 89 and keyed in the below code and it ran Ok. Gave same result as the TI 89 Titanium.

Input “vpp=“,v
Input “load resistance=“,r
Disp “prms=“,p
Thank you, Dave1707!

The program list you Emailed me in the pic of your TI-89 Titanium worked fine after I edited my program. I also dug out my TI-89 Titanium and plugged this in at it also worked fine. Somehow, you saved me an awful lot of stress, Dave. I really appreciate you helping me out. - Ken DeWitt
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