Hi everyone,

I accidentally spilled coffee on my CX CAS II and managed to clean up
most of it but some got thru to the board via the openings of the keys.

It works fine but the keys require more than regular pressing to depress.

Is there anyone here that can clean this for me?
We can discuss payment privately.


Can anyone help me in opening it up and cleaning the board myself?

Thank you,
Unfortunately, the CX II is basically the worst possible scenario in terms of opening. Ever since CRIV on the nspire (which began production in October 2015), they moved the screws from inside the battery bay to under the screen protector thing which is glued on. This makes it nearly impossible to safely open.
We've already seen several people break their calcs trying to open them like this and this
I've heard of people being successful by heating it up (to soften the glue). Alternatively, you could drill holes in the front, which is what TI does Laughing
Here is another method used by TI, but I don't recommend this one Rolling Eyes
Best of luck, make sure to post about your adventures if you decide to give it a go!
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