Would someone like to tell me how to enter time (eg. 7:38:16 + 14:42) into my TI-84 Plus CSE? I'm not talking about setting the time in Mode. I've spent hours on YouTube and scanning Mr. Mitchell's book, but I must be looking for it the wrong way. It's probably right in front of my face, but I don't see it.
The calculator doesn't have a way to do this in a native, easy-to-use way, but it does have time commands that you can manipulate (and could even make a little program around). You could, for example, do what you list above with the timeCnv( command, which converts a number of seconds to (days, hours, minutes, seconds):

timeCnv((((7*60)+38)*60+16) + (14*60)+42)

which yields a list of (days, hours, minutes, seconds) of {0, 7, 52, 58}

A simple program to do this automatically could look like:

Lbl A
Input "HOURS: ",H
Input "MINUTES: ",M
Input "SECONDS: ",S
Lbl B
before you all get on my case, deliberately made this clear instead of golfed for the OP
A simple but reliable piece of code. Thank you! This answered my question too.
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