how I make trans colors Confused
Try reading the info on this page. It explains exactly how to do what you want to do: is a good creator I found. I am going to use that a bit. Its got more features like diff gradients and such. I like it better than the other one. Smile
Dude, that's just the next version of the one I usually use. Rolling Eyes The one I use is the beta version.
Well I just finished making my sig bar partially, still working on it alot. hows it look atm?

its in me sig right bel'w d'er

Just created a new one. Its for my main forum, rhika Smile

I am going to make some AutoUpdaterz for rhika soon too, thats what I am working on now Razz
Creating Layers? Anyone know how to do that? Basicly, I need to take to images and merge them togather, _after_ the first one is generated using PHP.
That's easy - just use this: *_* rats, I forgot the command. It's something like imagecopyrgb. I'll look it up for you later.
I have that code, but was unable to "install" it. But I have an idea on how to do it now.
K, glad to hear it. I'll be around if you need help with using the php image commands.
Ok cool. Thanks. Once I get home I should be able to work on it.

My only problem that I have atm is, is that I cannot have the script in one. I am in the position that I have to make 2 script files. Wink

I know how I am going to do it with 2 scripts, but I would much rathre have only one script file. 2 being used at the same time would double bandwidth than the 1st is already using =/

And I am higher than I have been in a while.

Man, I can't find anything on combining images in PHP...

Anyone able to help me? Confused

I just need to take 2 images and put them together to make one, and I have found nothing on it.

Anyone mind helping me out>

I really badly need to get good enough to stop asking these questions. I am feeling way to big of a noob for programming in PHP for almost a year.
Here, this tutorial might help more than the random bits of code I could post up from my own projects:
ok awesome. Thanks.
swivelgames wrote:
ok awesome. Thanks.
Did that help? If not, I can give you code examples from my own stuff.

imagecopymerge(MAIN_IMAGE,WATERMARK_IMAGE, *int dst_x*, *int dst_y*, Watermark_start_x, Watermark_start_y, IMAGE_WIDTH, IMAGE_HEIGHT, TRANSPARENCY)

The ones with astricts around them I don't quite understand. Mind explaining?
Replace those with two integers, respectively indicating the x-coordinate and the y-coordinate on the main image to place the top-left corner of the "watermark" image.
oh ok awesome. So if I wanted to make a water mark the same size as the image, I could insert this code?
imagecopymerge( $image, watermark.png, 0, 0, 1, 1, 100%(or do I have to find out the height and width and put it in?), 100%, 40)
1. The watermark image has to be an object as well - create an image from PNG and call it $im2 or something.
2. You have to find width and height in pixels
3. I doubt "1, 1" is correct - why would you start one column over and one row down?
Yah, thats true. Thanks alot Kerm Very Happy.
The pleasure is entirely mine. May I see the masterpiece you've created with this info when it's done?
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