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So i am wondering if i should post an atom counter. i already have it made (i just have to upload it to my PC). but I was wondering if you guys wanted to check it out?
You don’t really need to ask to post a project (why else would these forums be opened to all users?), but I’d like to see what you’ve got! Very Happy
Quality over quantity. If it's a quality program, you can upload it to the Archives. If it's more of an exploration of your TI-BASIC skills and you think it could be improved, you can always share the source code in a topic and request feedback/improvements.
I made it for Quality. you type the molecule formula strait in and it will separate it into the elements. there is also a usage program which is just the controls and the limit of the code. it also is a document that you go into the edit mode for the program.
Quality: yes, upload this! I'm doing chem next year, and this will be an interesting thing to learn from (that I can pass off as "relevant", haha)
I’m doing chem next year too, and it would be fun to play with that program. You should definitely open a topic for it.
Sorry i took so long, i posted it finally. and added some new features. like the percentage of completion and a better method of display. it is located in the ti84 plus basic science programs
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