Well, they could have thought he was worse off than he was. I would rather be rushed into critical and have immediate care done than them putting my on fair, and later realize an error... :/
Ultimate Dev'r wrote:
I've got some good news! My friend is now in fair condition Very Happy

...Although I find it odd that he went from critical to fair in less than 24 hrs...
Good news, Ultimate Dev'r! And Dan, definitely, couldn't agree more.
My friend is out of the hospital now Smile Which is good, because it means he'll live, but I'm not sure if he should be out of the hospital so early...(currently he's confined to his bed since both his legs are broken).
Will they heal, or were they banged up too badly? Hope with some physical therapy he can be good as new...
One of them is repairable...the other, the doctor's aren't too hopeful...Sad
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