Hey folks! I want to convert AoCE to be partially written in C. Running both C and assembly is not a problem, but I still want to make it an app, and so far I had no luck doing that. My idea was first to overwrite LDCRT0 and use a custom loader. However, no matter what I try, the idea is to put app_data at the end of the code section. But... whenever using section .data, it says app_data is undefined, which basically means the macro is not called? Then I thought about writing an assembly file instead of putting it in the LDCRT0 file, but the same problem arises: app_data is not defined, unless it's put in the same section as app_create etc. But when I do that, I can't put code from other files in between...

This is my current attempt:

include 'includes/app.inc'
include 'includes/ti84pceg.inc'

AOCE_VERSION = "1.0.0"

public _main


    ... <code> ...

    app_start "AoCE", "(C) 2021 Peter Tillema", AOCE_VERSION, 1


    section .data

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Rewrite the CEDEV makefile? Use app.inc in another way? I'd love to hear feedback Smile
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