Ban xLibMan?
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Kllrnohj wrote:
By apologize I meant something formal in a thread/post HERE, on the forums, not just a passing statement in AIM/SAX/IRC/etc..

Some "pasing comments" made in IM aren't passing comments.
On one hand, I really want to stay out of this since I myself am new here, but on the other hand, I suspect there's far too much behind the scenes in people's heads for this to work out fairly. I will not say anything more until significant time passes.
xlibman PM wrote:

I would like to apologise for what I,ve done at cemetech, and post the apology directly on their board. However, I would like to ask you two favors, its ok if you dont though

1) could you make sure by the time I apologise that the xlibman banned topic doesnt go into a throw mud at xlibman, as it alerady started?

2) also to tell them I may need some time before apologising cuz things arent going very well atm and I'm not feeling really good atm


Can we try and allow him this request here?[/quote]
Sounds good to me. Just give him however much time he needs to clear his head, and get things back on track.
i rarely post on forums.... but...

Xlibman is in a fragile state.... and i saw that calc84manic said that he ws a hypocrite.... that isent trough... he gets pulled by his emotions.... please... im asking nicely.... forget about this...
I just said that because he got mad at other people for flaming and then flamed himself. Rolling Eyes
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