Is there any way to call into Lua from TI-Basic?
I'm trying to get the Product ID of TI-Nspire, but it looks like it's not possible to get the Product ID using TI-Basic. However, it's possible with Lua through the platform library like so,
Any way to call a function from Lua that returns the Product ID using TI-Basic? Or can I get the Product ID using TI-Basic by itself?

Thanks. Smile
btw, can Python get the Product ID just like Lua?
It's probably not what you'll expect but... 9 years ago I wrote that:

That's Awesome!
From my understanding, the code is recalling the var, "thefunc", and executing the string as a script. Then, the output is displayed on the page designated for Lua. Any way we can modify this so it returns the Product ID to TI-Basic?
Not really. You can make Lua store the ID into a variable that basic can use/read but that's async, which isn't how basic works. And anyway that variable could be changed by the user anyway I guess.
Maybe you can try to have a split screen thing where Lua stores the value in the variable, while also monitoring it to re-store it upon change. This would happen before a basic program gets launched by the user anyway so it might be sufficient
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