Hello. Please are you able to comment?

I have been interested in buying the cg50 and installing KhiCAS app from this site to compensate for the absence of native computer algebra system. I have been reading the annoucement of the app and its capacities on cemetech.net. Even from my novice position it seems like something that has such capacity to show formula as results, and perform new calculations involving imaginary numbers etc.

But I worry as a progamming novice it will just prove beyond me to use:

Will all these new functions require prior experience because there is no printed or online documentation of what they do and how to use them? No online utube videos designed for novices like myself?

And because all of these new functions are not native to the cg50 and the keyboard was not designed for them, does that mean that to perform an operation a number of key operations will be required to access them, eg to show a formula as a derivative three or four or five keys? Would not these stroke combinations need to be new and therefore cryptic?

Is it possible to use the Casio cg50 emulator for android/PC to mirror downloading an app and its usage on the calculator? If it is possible to add an app to an emulator perhaps this is the best way for me to learn if I could make this app on the cg50 a success?

And lastly I emailed Casio UK to ask if they had any help, and they replied with something important to know. They said that third party apps can damage an OS and installing them invalidates the warranty. Pls is there any known history of this?

I think I am saying that I can recognise this app as a major achievement for the developer community but it is just not for me as a novice. I am wanting the fun of playing with apps on calculators but perhaps this is just too big a first step?

Thank you again. Good day.
Why not give it a try? Ignore the warnings from Casio UK; they are just saying that to avoid someone downloading a specially-crafted malware and blaming them.
Greetings MateoConLechuga

You speak of attitude. I am very sensitive to that viewpoint. Over the last week I have been spending upto six hrs teaching myself to use some of the best knowm math phone apps. I am amazed by their ease of use, flexibity, and power. Yet for me personally it has not inspired me. Yet when I got the hp prime emulator on my tablet for the first day, the blood ran hot as I tested, failed, and succeeded in performing relatively simple trig operations. Is it the thrill of working it out for yourself as opposed to merely getting it done efficiently, is that the difference - and what I am still learning to guage for myself?. So if I make the jump to something on the KhiCAS level, that same thrill will hold for many hrs of function exploration...

So I was really interested in your viewpoint.
There is some documentation about KhiCAS here: https://www-fourier.univ-grenoble-alpes.fr/~parisse/casio/khicasioen.html

KhiCAS is a port of Xcas to the Casio, I did the best I could to adapt to the Casio keyboard. For example F1 and F2 will open a quick menu for commands that are often used (like factor, simplify, integrate, ...), or the Matr key will open commands relative to matrices, etc.

I don't know if there is an English beginner video somewhere, there is a French beginner video here https://youtu.be/wykeOAVYMFI.
Greetings parisse

OK I have started studying your link information provided with documentation. And you are making the point that you feel the new key strokes extending the functionality are logically associated with the native keys. This is all v encouraging to me that I could battle through and built up familarity with using a third part app.

Regards. Aand thx for your encouragement.

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