Many of you know that 95% of my time these days is consumed by my startup Geopipe. I recently mentioned that we released a detailed, game-ready digital twin of all of New York City for free, for both personal and commercial use. We want to see what game developers could apply their creativity to build, so we're hosting a New York, New York Game Jam on with a $2500 prize to the winner.

The rules are pretty simple: use part or all of Geopipe's New York City environment to build a game, for just about any platform where our models can be used, although I expect most people will choose Unity (we have a mature Unity SDK) or Unreal. The contest technically runs through the month of January, with a deadline on January 31st, but there's no reason not to start your entry over the holidays! Just like Cemetech contents, no plagiarism is allowed, and the subject matter you'd expect to be disallowed is disallowed. If you're not familiar with's game jams, to join, just go to the game jam page, log in if necessary, and click Join.

Having seen what you all can create during past Cemetech contests, I hope you'll join this one, and I can't wait to see what you build!

Just a reminder that this game jam/hackathon is on now! We have 137 people/teams signed up and building games, and I'm excited to see the activity and in-progress screenshots on our Discord. It's been a while since we've run a proper Cemetech programming contest, so please consider this a Cemetech-adjacent contest with a pretty substantial prize. Wink
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