As many of you guys know, I love trains, and although that has been true my whole life, over the last few years that passion has reawakened from a shallow grave. I've been riding Amtrak a great deal, I revisited one of my favorite childhood places, Strasburg, PA, and I'm keen to get an Acela train of my own when they retire them in 2021. Therefore, it was only logical that I would start playing Dovetail Games' Train Simulator, first with Train Simulator 2015 about 16 months ago, and now in its current Train Simulator 2017 iteration. I've enjoyed playing it on my own and watching others play it on YouTube that I decided to start my own Train Simulator 2017 video series. I have published six episodes of the series so far (November 2017 edit: the season ended with 32 episodes):

Train Simulator 2017
  1. Train Simulator 2017 Ep 1: A Rainy North Jersey Coast Journey
  2. Train Simulator 2017 Ep 2: Class 175 Winter Welsh Morning
  3. Train Simulator 2017 Ep 3: Class 801 ECML Express to London
  4. Train Simulator 2017 Ep 4: Shoreliner III Cab Car to Grand Central
  5. Train Simulator 2017 Ep 5: Pannier 'Tank' Steam on the Riviera
  6. Train Simulator 2017 Ep 6: Class 43 GWR HST to Cardiff
  7. Train Simulator 2017 Ep 7: Class 377 London to Brighton
  8. Train Simulator 2017 Ep 8: Trenton to NY on the Acela Express
  9. Train Simulator 2017 Ep 9: Snowbound ECML in the Class 801
  10. Train Simulator 2017 Ep 10: A P42DC In England (The 16:47 Special)
  11. Train Simulator 2017 Ep 11: A Slippery Class 175 Service
  12. Train Simulator 2017 Ep 12: A North London Jaunt
  13. Train Simulator 2017 Ep 13: London-Brighton in the Rain [LIVE]
  14. Train Simulator 2017 Ep 14/KermMartian Live #2: Steam and Sparks
  15. Train Simulator 2017 Ep 15/KermMartian Live #3: Class 365 Adventures
  16. Train Simulator 2017 Ep 16/KermMartian Live #4: Sunset Ride to Brighton
  17. Train Simulator 2017 Ep 17/KermMartian Live #5: NJ Snow, British Amtrak
  18. TS2017 Ep 18/KermMartian Live #6: North London Line, NJ Sunset
  19. TS2017 Ep 19 Pt 1/KermMartian Live #7: Commuting (and Freight)
  20. TS2017 Ep 19 Pt 2/KermMartian Live #8: Freight (and Commuting)
  21. TS2017 Ep 20/KermMartian Live #9: Metro North P32AC to South Norwalk
  22. TS2017 Ep 21/KermMartian Live #10: CPRR1 Test on the ECML
  23. TS2017 Ep 22/KermMartian Live #11: CPRR1 to NYC
  24. TS2017 Ep 23/KermMartian Live #12: CPRR1 to Brighton
  25. TS2017 Ep 24/KermMartian Live #13: NY Penn to Summit
  26. TS2017 Ep 25/KermMartian Live #14: Summit to Dover
  27. TS2017 Ep 26/KermMartian Live #15: UK Gala: Commuter Trio
  28. TS2017 Ep 27: Train Meditation
  29. TS2017 Ep 28/KermMartian Live #16: Class 377 Merger
  30. TS2017: Train Simulator Repaint/Reskin Tutorial [Ep 29]
  31. TS2017 Ep 30/KermMartian Live #20: CPRR HST ECML Express
  32. German ICE-T Speeding [TS2017 Ep 31/KermMartian Live #21]
  33. Welsh GWR Makeup Service [TS2017 Ep 32/KermMartian Live #22]

Train Simulator 2018
  1. 1000 Point Grudge Match Part 1: TS2018 Ep 1 / KermMartian Live #23
  2. 1000 Point Grudge Match Part 2: TS2018 Ep 1 / KermMartian Live #23
  3. Midland Mainline Commuter Express: TS2018 Ep 2 / KermMartian Live #24
  4. Chatham Mainline Fast Commute: TS2018 Ep 3 / KermMartian Live #25
  5. Racing Sunset in CPRR1: TS2018 Ep 4 / KermMartian Live #26
  6. London-Bound on the Chatham Mainline: TS2018 Ep 5 / KermMartian Live #27
  7. CPRR HST Express to Brighton: TS2018 Ep 6 / KermMartian Live #28
  8. Freight Diesels to the Rescue on the NEC: TS2018 Ep 7 / KermMartian Live #29
  9. CPRR1 Saves NJ Transit: Morristown Line: TS2018 Ep 8 / KermMartian Live #30
  10. London to Rochester Commuter: TS2018 Ep 9 / KermMartian Live #31
  11. Midland Mainline to St. Pancras: TS2018 Ep 10 / KermMartian Live #32

Train Simulator 2019
  1. P32 Danbury Express: TS2019 Ep 1 / KermMartian Live #33
  2. Intruders on the Tracks! TS2019 Ep 2 / KermMartian Live #34
  3. Great Western Freight Exploration Pt. 1: TS2019 Ep 3 / KermMartian Live #35
  4. Great Western Freight Exploration Pt. 2: TS2019 Ep 3 / KermMartian Live #35

Train Simulator 2020
  1. Great Western Epic Pt 1 (Exeter to Bristol): TS2020 Ep 1 / KermMartian Live #37
  2. Great Western Epic Pt 2 (Bristol to Didcot): TS2020 Ep 2 / KermMartian Live #37
  3. Great Western Epic Pt 3 (Didcot to London): TS2020 Ep 3 / KermMartian Live #37
  4. New York to New Haven: Parking Brake Woes: TS2020 Ep 4 / KermMartian Live #38

Train Simulator 2021
  1. CPRR P42 on the ECML: TS2021 Ep 1 / KermMartian Live #39
  2. London to Portsmouth, First Journey Pt 1: TS2021 Ep 2 / KermMartian Live #40
  3. London to Portsmouth, First Journey Pt 2: TS2021 Ep 3 / KermMartian Live #41
  4. Summer Evening on the GEML/Class 360: TS2021 Ep 4 / KermMartian Live #42
  5. Night of Sleet on the Portsmouth Direct Line: TS2021 Ep 5 / KermMartian Live #43
  6. GEML at Dawn / Marks Tey to London Liverpool St.: TS 2021 Ep 6/KermMartian Live #43

I encourage you to watch and enjoy, even if you're not the world's biggest train fan. I find that watching these sorts of videos is a cathartic, relaxing accompaniment to working on things that only require half your brain. If you enjoy, I hope you'll consider subscribing to my YouTube channel for my future videos. I'm also very happy to accept comments, feedback, and suggestions here or on the relevant videos.

To get you going, here's the first video in the series. And don't worry, I humbly believe I get increasingly good both at accompanying the videos with interesting commentary, and driving trains well while talking about them:
Looks nice, Kerm.
I'm working on recording a new video for Episode 7, on the London-Brighton line (which is 50% off at the moment). In fact, if you're considering trying Train Simulator, you can get the base game with a bunch of routes for 40% off at at the moment:
*bump* I managed to re-record this video, and because it wasn't the night before Thanksgiving and 2am after I had baked some pies, I kept the narration fluid and illuminating. Enjoy my summer morning journey from Brighton to London in the Class 377:

Wow, I didn't realize I went almost two months without an episode! Today, I drove an Acela Express from Trenton to New York on the Northeast Corridor. Join me for a (mostly) smooth journey, N-scale Acela banter, and more:

I'm happy to say I converted that two-month gap into a two-week gap this time. I drove a snowy northbound morning route on the East Coast Mainline in my much-loved Class 801, with a few delays and surprises but overall a quite pleasant, peaceful journey. Join me for the ride and enjoy!

Cool Kerm, You earn my subscription! Very Happy
TheLastMillennial wrote:
Cool Kerm, You earn my subscription! Very Happy
Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying my videos.

Yesterday I tried something new: I created my own scenario for Train Simulator 2017. In this scenario, Southern Rail is testing a GE P42DC (still in its Amtrak livery) for the London-to-Brighton service on a snowy day. Since we can't couple Southern's Class 377 coaches to our P42, New Jersey Transit has kindly lent us five Bombardier bi-level coaches for our train. Join me as I drive this iconic American diesel locomotive to Brighton, and experience the fun and frustrations of my nascent efforts with scenarios.
I must admit, I hadn't watched one of these before, but I watched Episode 10 last night and it was quite enjoyable and interesting to watch!

Now I'll have to go back and watch the previous episodes Razz
Heh, I won't judge you too hard for not watching them before. Even I was skeptical at what the point of watching someone else pretend to drive trains would be before I started watching (and later making) Train Simulator videos. I ended up finding it fun and therapeutic, practically relaxing, to listen to/watch such videos, and I hope you enjoy my narration and occasional hilarious mistakes along the way. Enjoy the other episodes! And as always, negative and positive feedback is appreciated and encouraged.
*bump* I had so much fun playing with that scenario this weekend that I made another video today, a shorter one in which I wrangle an Arriva Trains Wales Class 175 service on a very rainy day.
After a substantial break, more trains! I recorded the following video back on May 17th, but I didn't get around to concatenating it into a completed video and uploading it until just now. In this episode, I drive a Capitalstar 378 along the North London line from Clapham Junction to Stratford. Look for the live-streamed Train Simulator episode I recorded yesterday coming soon!

And as promised, my first live-streamed Train Simulator 2017 episode, a drive through a typical English morning from Brighton to London. Special thanks to tifreak8x for helping me figure out setting up the stream, and tifreak8x, comic, Hooloovoo, AHelper, and others for watching and commentating.

Wow, Kerm; these look really nice. You have earned my subscription (once I can get back onto youtube).

I love what you're doing thus far. Keep it up! Smile

/me glares at Job Corps firewall that blocks me from enjoying YouTube
Caleb_J wrote:
Wow, Kerm; these look really nice. You have earned my subscription (once I can get back onto youtube).
Thanks! They're a lot of fun to create, and it was particularly great to have an audience while I was recording to make it more engaging.
*bump* As promised, a second live-streaming episode! In this one, I tried driving a classic British steam locomotive, the GWR King Class, in modern-day New York, then switched to the latest electric Class 801 for a jaunt on England's East Coast Mainline.

I missed posting two episodes of the livestream; such sadness!

Episode 15 / KermMartian Live #3 was a pair of Workshop scenarios in the Class 365 on the East Coast Mainline, the first an early morning fast service from Stevenage to King's Cross, the second bringing a Class 365 back to the depot at the end of the day. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that the top and bottom of the video got cropped until after I posted it.

Episode 16 / KermMartian Live #4 was a single London-to-Brighton scenario in the Class 377, at my favorite time of day for train photographs and screenshots: sunset! I was joined by a number of spectators with interesting questions and discussions about real-life trains, model trains, and other train-related fun.
I just thought I'd mention, this past Saturday when I was cooking lunch I had your live stream keeping me company, and then whilst I ate. Most enjoyable Smile
JamesV wrote:
I just thought I'd mention, this past Saturday when I was cooking lunch I had your live stream keeping me company, and then whilst I ate. Most enjoyable Smile
That's amazing; I'm very happy to hear it! Please feel free to share any feedback, suggestions, or thoughts that you might have for future streams.

Also, I apologize to all that I wasn't able to continue my stream on Monday night at 10pm EDT as I had planned. It unfortunately may be Friday evening before I'm able to repair that. Sad
Lots more videos! Episodes 17, 18, 19 Part 1, and 19 Part 2, all of which were livestreams:

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