should i confront said teacher?
 38%  [ 5 ]
 61%  [ 8 ]
Total Votes : 13

so one of my teachers emailes my dad and basically said this:
"hey, wave is acting trans, im concerned. also im homophobic and so are a lot of people, so he should stop".
i found out about this by getting an email from my dad that said "you arent gay so stop wearing a skirt".
so i had yo come out.
so far, reaction seems somewhat negative.
im really angry at that teacher and my dad. any advice?
I voted no, not because I don't think that teacher's behavior wasn't reprehensible and that I don't think he should be fired for it (he totally should) but confrontation will get you nowhere. Sadly the world is quite saturated with individuals who want other people to conform to their idea of how they should be and will try to make your life a pain if you don't. I would research who you can contact that is above your teacher -- a superior or superintendent -- and report his behavior. And if the teacher says something you to you, I would kindly inform him that his homophobia is not your problem in the slightest and that he better spend his energies doing something more productive... like grow up. I would also use that same line with your dad. He may be your father, but if he can't put his feelings aside and support you, then he too needs to grow up.
I also don't think you should confront said teacher.
He did something stupid, but you can't legally blame him.

But be sure to signal to this teacher that
you don't care that he doesn't like you because of your sexual orientation.
Treat your father in the same way whenever possible.

If someone starts making your life hell because of your orientation,
then you have to get help from teachers, counseling staff at your school
or even youth welfare office, because it cannot go on like this.
I also think you shouldn't confront said teacher.
It would be better to contact a confidant (?) or the school staff or something.
thanks everyone!
i am going to talk to the school counselor/therapist.
thanks for the advice. its really helpful.
most people in my life are homophobic, so yahoo Sad
well, thanks everyone!
Tell the that being homophobic is wrong and that they need to realize that they can't just control other peoples' lives, sexual orientation, etc. There's nothing wrong with someone being different with you, and they just need to learn that and shut up.

Also: Hopefully the school counselor/therapist will be able to help you feel better! Smile
Every situation is different, but it's definitely worth evaluating seriously whether the "feel good" advice of telling people off will have a negative impact on your ability to hang in there without really serious opposition until you can get into a safer/healthier community. I don't know geographically what part of the country you're in, but hopefully your counselor can give you some useful advice on navigating what sounds like a tough situation taking into account both your mental/emotional well-being as well as your physical well-being.
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