Can you believe it? After 4 years of being on the web, Age of Darkness I has finally made it past the 10,000 dl point, all by itself, which puts it at 1,060 on the rank scale. This is nearly 1/4 the dl contribution to my overall stats, sitting currently at 39,285 dls.

After looking at this impressive number, somewhat stunned, I decided to check for the stats on the same game, and again, my mouth dropped; for just being on calcgames for just over 3 years, it has accumulated 7,663 dls, and is ranked as 39 of 996 list files.

"So what?" you might ask? I dunno, but seeing these numbers has brought my spirits on programming for the calcs back up (if you will notice, I have hardly posted anything lately (In the past month that was major calc programming...)

If you have a program that, by itself, has broken the 10k dl number, please, post the link up here. Smile
Congrats Dan, that is a most excellent milestone. My 10k+ers:

14247 dls: Doors CS

22890 dls: uLtra TOurnaMent II

20076 dls: Tetris v2.2

Shock I didn't realize uT2 had passed 20k yet...
Heh, impressive. Smile I hope that Pokemon and AODR eventually surpass the 10k mark quickly, as they are very much sought after. Smile Just got to get them done first.
Haha, nice. I bet Pokemon especially will be very popular. Looking through my profile for the first time in a while, I was amazed how many of my programs are at 5k or more dls... Shock

Edit: Just found another one:
10172 dls: Frogger v2.0

Edit #2: And another one:
10491 dls: MeGaMan v2.0 Complete Package [TI-83+]

Edit #3: Yet another one; this one only passes from the sum of the 83 and 83+ file:
13138 dls: Sim City 2004
*bump* Huh, I might even make a news article talking about Dan and I's accomplishments Shock Anyone else have 10k+ files? 'Cause I found another one:

15708 dls: Sim City 2000 Real3D Demo
I don't even have a file with 200 Laughing
I have 20000+ from all my files together....
Wow, over 20% of my downloads are from 7 of my files... Shock
Only 93 dls remain before I reach the next rank on calcgames. Very Happy Should be there by Wednesday at this rate, which I think will put me at 22, it is kind of confusing since there are three people who hold rank# 22 atm...
They'll get pushed to 23 when you reach there then.
I don't think any of my files has more than 200 dl's although when I finish doing some more modding to Omnicalc I'll see what some of the other authors of the other mods it contains think of uploading it... If that happens, my downloads will probably skyrocket...
i have hardly authered any files but i hope my downloads go up, i have very few, though that miht be due to the fact that they are not on, but on sourceforge.
I have ~4000 total.
still for entering the community and starting learning ti basic just a year ago this is good in my perspective.
I haven't submitted one. I refuse to be a noob and upload weak games and snake copies. I'm going to optimize mine to the best of my ability and change things around before I submit them. Once I get done with my 4 individual projects and do that then they'll start coming in.
i have not uploaded to at all either, i will around V3.0, that will give me time to make it almost perfect, but i do put it on sourceforge, so i can see bugs, and weather people like it.
I really need to upload DCS 5.8 Beta and get them to consolidate DCS... *sigh*
Yeah, you have plenty of files that have newer versions up that need the stats merged...
tifreak8x wrote:
Yeah, you have plenty of files that have newer versions up that need the stats merged...

yes indeedy
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