you would have to know the basics of it at the very least, thought right now, we (rivereye and tenniskid) will be slowly hammering out a system that will automate things a bit, using php. I will soon be joining them in the development of things, once I get a better grasp on php.

Then I can steal source coder and finish it, then host it on my site. Wink Just Joking
yeah, that would help. I almost have the upload part of my archive script done, just need to touch up final details, create admin area for it, and add render file.
Teehee. My archive and admin scripts pwn j00 all. Teehee. Wink
wtf is up with this TeeHee????

*tifreak8x bans Kerm for using this "laugh/giggle" Razz

Anyways, I will be creating an inventory system tonight, or at least trying to, with what information I have learned from the php book so far. I am going to have to have it do the following:

Create part number
Item description
Price for part

I think I will still need to learn a bit more though, I will just have to see how that goes... :/
KermMartian wrote:
Teehee. My archive and admin scripts pwn j00 all. Teehee. Wink

Ha. I'm currently building my own forum/site from the ground up with news, links, projects, subfora and all kinds of other nifty things. Plus, it should be more secure than phpBB since you can detect whether something is imported rather than just run directly. Plus, you can add your own registration images and answers, so bots have to be written specifically for a forum. In addition, censors can have temp-bans applied to temporarily ban people for swearing.
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