Thanks to everyone for the support!

I'll add a way to create custom icon packs in the future, but right now I'm trying to get the shell ready for an initial release by the end of December (so I can get the December POTM). To meet that goal, I've added a few more features and fixes today, with the major addition being TI-Basic icon support. Here's a screenshot of that, using Roccolox Programs' Organizer CSE/CE:

Finally, I have a question for all of you: once the search function is added, do you think that this shell will be ready for a 1.0.0 release on the Cemetech archives? If so, I'll add that and release it soon afterward. I look forward to hearing what you all think about VYSION!

[added] support for TI-BASIC icons
[added] about section in the settings menu, which shows the distribution, version, and build time
[improved] hour, minute, and brightness sliders in the settings menu now start at the current value
[improved] color picker now starts at the current color
[improved] menu offset now saved along with current selection when running a program
[fixed] entering a blank name into the rename dialogue could break the shell
[fixed] opening the start menu, then immediately closing it could deactivate the other menus in cursor mode
Small update for today: I added a new cursor icon, as well as the ability to lock and unlock TI-BASIC programs. Here's a screenshot:

In addition, I've created a Github repository for the project, accessible here. If anyone wants to look at the code and give feedback about how it could be improved, please do so here.

The initial (1.0.0) release is coming soon, I believe all I have to do now is to add program hiding, the about screen, and the search function.

[added] new cursor icons
[added] TI-BASIC programs can now be locked and unlocked

As I work toward a New Year's Eve release for VYSION CE 1.0.0, I've added a few new features and quality of life improvements, most notably the search and about menus.

This new feature allows the user to search through all of the files on the calculator, and to run or open their locations as applicable, something that should be convenient for users with a lot of files and folders.

This allows the user to look through the information about the program, including the controls, credits, and features. With this said, I'm going to restate the credits here to credit all of the people who have helped in the project as we near the first release on December 31st:
Programming help:
-King Dub Dub
-RoccoLox Programs
To everyone else who played a smaller role but still helped in the development of the project in some way, thank you to you as well.

To show how far the project has come, here are a few screenshots from the very early development of VYSION, back when I was still working on getting program running and asm icon detection working:

[added] the about section
[added] entry for "About" and a corresponding icon in the start menu
[added] a box around the text elements on the lock screen for improved visiblility
[added] a new search function, to search through and run applicable files
[added] the ability to run/open file location on the taskbar, desktop, and search menus
[added] a clock when [graph] is pressed
[improved] the lock screen is now not displayed when returning from programs
[improved] the scroll bar on the desktop now adjusts as it should
[improved] the password screen can now be exited from using [clear] (terminating the program)
[improved] a scroll bar now appears in the wallpaper picker if more than 10 are found
[improved] [zoom] and [trace] can now be used to jump to the taskbar instead of just [window]
[fixed] folder could not open properly under certain conditions
[fixed] the sidebar of the file explorer could be stuck as selected under certain conditions
[removed] the "Power" option in the start menu

Conclusion and Release Date
All that really remains to be done now is to test for bugs, and then VYSION will be ready for a 1.0.0 release on December 31st, 2020! Thank you for your feedback and feature requests as I continue the development of this shell, and keep an eye out on the Cemetech archives for the official release. For those who want to test the current build of the shell for bugs before it is released, here is the link to my Discord server, which is used for testing and announcements for this project and my others.

Download VYSION!

VYSION CE 1.0.0 has been submitted to the archives! The big new feature for this update is the hiding programs feature, of which a screenshot can be found below:

[added] program hiding
[improved] the clock now displays 12 when it's 12:00 AM, instead of 0
[improved] brightness slider now is displayed as a percentage, 0-100
[fixed] misspelling of RoccoLox Programs' name in the About section
[fixed] bug that could prevent the first launch of the shell
[fixed] opening Search and Settings immediately after one another (in either order) from the start menu would cause the screen to flicker
[fixed] temp menus were not set correctly in cursor mode on the desktop
[fixed] desktop menus would be rendered inactive after exiting the settings menu while in cursor mode
[fixed] hidden program names could be displayed improperly in the properties menu

Thanks for your help in getting VYSION CE to the 1.0.0 release! I'm looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say about it, so please post feedback and feature requests here once it's accepted to the archives.
Double post, but it's more than 24 hours so I should be fine. VYSION has been accepted to the archives, and can be downloaded here. Please post suggestions and feedback in this thread after you try it out. I look forward to seeing what you all think about it!
Is there the possibility of implementing a chat client within VYSION so people can connect with IRC on calc?
tr1p1ea wrote:
Is there the possibility of implementing a chat client within VYSION so people can connect with IRC on calc?

I did think about a similar system, and I’d be willing to give it a try. It definitely won’t be for a while though, if I succeed in adding it. I would like to add some kind of networking features, after seeing projects like TI-Trek, irCE, and so on.
This is a pretty awesome shell! Looks just as sleek as Cesium too! I do have one bug that completely breaks my workflow. I have 350+ appvars on my calculator and when I try to view them via Vysion, it freezes. This is absolutely game breaking and I will lose my job and go broke if this is not fixed. No pressure though. Laughing

EDIT: Also, the clock when you press [graph] flashes rapidly. If I can't look at the clock properly, how am I suppose to know how long I've been calc gaming?! Also a timeout feature would be nice so you don't accidentally leave the shell running for hours.
TheLastMillennial wrote:
This is a pretty awesome shell! Looks just as sleek as Cesium too! I do have one bug that completely breaks my workflow. I have 350+ appvars on my calculator and when I try to view them via Vysion, it freezes. This is absolutely game breaking and I will lose my job and go broke if this is not fixed. No pressure though. 0x5

Okay, I'll check that out.
I just wanted to affirm that I'm still working on this. What started as a simple rewrite of the settings menu and file explorer and the addition of partial redraw has now somehow morphed into a full rewrite of the GUI, as well as OPTIX, the GUI library that VYSION runs on. Here's the announcement that I made earlier in my Discord server about it:
epsilon5 wrote:
For those who are interested in the current progress of VYSION: I’ve spent about 50 hours of work on 2.0.0, and things are moving along. A lot of the code in the shell is bad and poorly optimized, so I’ve been spending a lot of time rewriting functions before I get back to adding new features. The current project is rewriting OPTIX, the GUI library on which VYSION runs, since that is the cause of a lot of the sizing issues. After I do that, I’ll rewrite pretty much the whole shell to support the new GUI, and then get to work adding new features. As is probably expected, this is going to take a while, so please don’t expect a new pre-release for several weeks, or likely longer. I’ll try to be better about posting on the forum, so stay tuned for updates there.

With that said, here's what you can expect in 2.0.0, the next release, which should be out in a few months:
- new GUI
- more efficient code and smaller overall program size (hopefully compared to 1.0.0)
- improved wallpapers, with custom palettes
- icon packs
- modules
- hooks
I'll give more information on all of these things in due time, but with that said, here's a quick look at the current progress of the new GUI library (not too impressive, and this screenshot was one that I dug up from a few days ago, being the result of about 4 hours of work, but I need to post something):
I've made some more progress on OPTIX 3, and have a screenshot to share:

I'm not going to go into detail about what's going on behind the scenes here, but know that the new system will make it much easier to create windows and things in the future.
Wow!! Razz Coming along very nicely. But I won't consider this as a shell no more its for of a desktop/windows engine thing .. idk.

Anyways Good job.
Alvajoy123 wrote:
Wow!! Razz Coming along very nicely. But I won't consider this as a shell no more its for of a desktop/windows engine thing .. idk.

Anyways Good job.

Thanks! And this isn't a shell, this is the next iteration of OPTIX, which is the GUI library that VYSION runs on (and that powered Contagion, Gunner: Prehistoric, and HUE in earlier versions). VYSION 2 will use this new library to support new features, like movable overlapping windows, having many windows open at once, and so on.

I have a new screenshot as well:
Wow, holy crap dude, that's off the charts cool! *makes a windows 10 shell for the CE*
That looks amazing, love the GUI elements - reminds me of Doors too!

I think this would be very useful for programmers.
Thanks for the support, everyone! To your point, tr1p1ea, I'd like this to be easy to use, both for me and for other developers, in the future, possibly.

Also, I've uploaded the updated source code to Github, so any feedback on it, especially the simplicity or sensibility of the code that creates the GUI, located in main.c, would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, and stay tuned for the next update!
Small update on this: I've fixed some bugs with the windowing system, which now works as intended. I'm nearing the point where I can start implementing the library into VYSION, and rewriting that, which I'll most likely do after I get window resizing working properly. Also, I made a userbar, which you can equip to show your support for the project if desired (I'd appreciate it):
Support shown.
Progress continues on the project, but I don't have much to show at the moment because I've still mostly been working on getting the GUI rewrite done. I also have decided to rewrite the filesystem as well, meaning that VYSION 2 will represent an almost-complete rewrite of pretty much the entire shell. Stay tuned for more updates, I'm going to start rewriting the GUI very soon now, as window resizing is nearing completion, and I added a few more functions that will make the creation of the GUI faster (recursive alignment, as well as some other things).

And thanks to everyone who has equipped the userbar I posted earlier, I appreciate it (I noticed RoccoLox Programs and Michael0x18, in particular).
I don't know if this was already discovered, but when running Vysion, if you open files and then settings at the same time, the folders in desktop will glitch. However, they stop glitching when you exit settings and so far apparently nothing bad happened to my calculator because of this.
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