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One of three facets of the most time-consuming part of the most original part of Doors CS 6 is now complete. The GUI routines are a complete set of objects and items intended to make the creation of attractive, cohesive GUIs easy and light on memory; one of the most complicated parts to program are the three types of text editing and entry items. Single-line text input, single-line password input, and multiline text input each have been drafted out. All three have had their rendering routines created and debugged, their mouseclick behavior programmed, and their interactive typing behavior mapped out. Each present their particular subset of quirks and bugs, but I believe I have removed all irregularities from the first of the three. The single-line text input box allows any text to be entered, including uppercase and lowercase letters, punctuations, and a wide variety of symbols, which shall be detailed in the Doors CS readme. You can move backwards and forwards with the arrows, delete, and insert characters. You can click in the textbox to insert at precisely the right point, and the text entered is available for reading by the originating program, as with all of the GUI input items. Check out the screenshot below, and stand by for completion of password input and multiline input in the next few days. I also anticipate Doors CS 5.7 Beta 3 coming soon.

Yay! So will beta 3 have most of the menu items working? I am sure to try the new one Good Idea
Yeah, and not only that, the whole Document DE will also be that much closer to completion. Smile

At least, if I am remembering what Kerm said correctly...
You are 100% correct. With this done, a HUGE chunk of Document DE will be finished. And if I can get the new associated file routines done in the near future.... Shock
*bump* Elfprince was right this should say 5.7 Beta 3
So, did you make any new porgress on this last night other than what was posted?
I did, as a matter of fact. It looks like password input may be complete, although I need to doublecheck. On the flip side, multiline input is going to take slightly more time because I realized I didn't put in the hotspot for it in the interactive routines yet.
Heh, having the routines in place does have a tendacy to help with that... Wink

Glad to see things progressing so quickly on this. Smile
Yup, just verified that all is well, although I discovered I still have a few problems from yesterday's stuff. Easily fixed though, since I know exactly what the one problem is. First that, then on to multiline!
Cool. Good Idea Can't wait till the next beta!

P.S. There is one Ion program I'm having trouble with. It works fine in MOS, though. It's Maze 3D II. The evil version works fine, however.
Can you describe the exact difficulty that you are encountering in Ion?
nice work Kerm, but I could have sworn but didn't I post this topic? I even checked to make sure it hadn't been created yet, and somebody seems to have noticed my comment about the incorrect version number....
Dan responded that he had already posted the topic, which had been responded to several times, so I deleted your repeat. Thanks though. Smile
KermMartian wrote:
Dan responded that he had already posted the topic, which had been responded to several times, so I deleted your repeat. Thanks though. Smile

my View Posts Since Last Visit seems to screwed up....
KermMartian wrote:
Can you describe the exact difficulty that you are encountering in Ion?
Ion isn't giving me difficulty, just running the Ion program in DCS. The main menu works fine, but when I try to start, it freezes.
@Calc84maniac: I'll investigate; they're probably using an unorthodox / undocumented feature of Ion, or equally likely, something may be messed up.


Anyway, I completely finished password input, and I'm making strides on multiline input. Thus far:

:: Character deletion
:: Character insertion
:: Move Right
:: Move Left
:: Move Up
:: Move Down
:: Page Up
:: Page Down
The wierd thing is that the evil version works...
calc84maniac wrote:
The wierd thing is that the evil version works...
Very weird. It's the Ion version of the Maze 3D program? I'll test it out.
Will the text input and graphics routines be available for use in BASIC programs? I'm not really sure how you would do this, but it would be cool. Maybe, if you have ::DCS at the beginning of a program, it could create an ASM program in the calc's RAM, then in the program you could say something like :5:Asm(prgmDCS6CRAP Then it could delete the program after it's finished running.

That probably doesn't make any sense. I'm really tired... Neutral
Openlib( and Execlib(!
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