Sometimes, when making a post, it takes an absurd amount of time to go through, on the order of several minutes. I recently tried to make a post and waited long enough to get a 504 gateway timeout. I assumed that this meant that the post did not go through, so I went back to the post page and hit submit again. About thirty seconds later, both the original post and the new post were submitted.

I can tell that a lot of other people are being affected by this as well, based on the number of people that make the same post in a thread multiple times and then delete one of them afterwards.

EDIT: I appear to have crashed the server while attempting to make this post.
I've also noticed a significant increase in the time it takes to post some messages. I've haven't encountered a timeout yet but sometimes it'll take 45+ seconds for even a short post. If it helps, I'm using the latest Firefox on Windows 10 home. Perhaps the server TI-84 Plus CSEs need an upgrade. Laughing
I actually got a 504 gateway timeout once while just browsing the website; Simultaneously the Minecraft server crashed, and I think UT froze. This has been happening more and more lately. Either something is horribly misconfigured on the server, or something is failing, hardware-wise.
My posts frequently take a very long time to go through (tens of seconds or more), and tonight, I observed the same behavior commandblockguy described in the OP: it appeared my post did not go through, I submitted it again, and then both posts appeared.

Edit: This one took about 13 seconds to post.
Notably, an incident from a week ago:

First, the user (randomguy) created a double topic (because of this issue), then both fghsgh and Runer112 replied (coincidentally to the same topic, so the other topic could be deleted, which it was), but Runer112 had a longer timeout (a whole minute longer, it seems), so the post appeared before fghsgh's even though it was posted later. SAX/IRC/Discord discussion of this incident (notice hh:mm:ss timestamps):

(times are UTC+1)

The topic in question:

Looking at the timestamps of the posts themselves, it seems like the date/time of the post as seen in the top right corner is the time of actually clicking the Submit button, so the time difference can be found out by comparing IRC logs to post times. In this case, fghsgh's was instant and Runer's took 84 seconds.

Edit: this post took 17 seconds.
I've collected a few screenshots of users being affected by this, or the double-posting issue and 504 gateway timeouts which are presumably related:

I've also been experiencing this frequently since the original post, and often find myself waiting long enough after I click the post button to notice a post is taking a while, tab over to IRC, and 90% complete a message saying something along the lines of "man, posts sure are taking a while today, aren't they" before it actually goes through.
This is probably related to our 20-plus-year-old forum software doing something that does pathological locking in the database because it was designed to be used with ancient versions of MySQL (3.x) that didn't support transactions. I've tried tweaking a few things that might help.
Just got two 504s and two "Error in deleting post"s while trying to submit a single edit. Yes, it took 4 retries and only one of them worked. The next edit only took 20 seconds so that's not as bad.
For me, it only occasionally hangs. The rest of the time I have to wait around three to fours seconds to it to load.

EDIT: This post took seventeen seconds to post.
The loading time seems to be non-discriminate between my home desktop and my school laptop which is interesting.

Edit: Hmmm... This post uploaded almost immediately
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