I am new at this so forgive me. Under my Stat Plots screen on TI 83 plus, it says the following:
1. Plot 1 Off
Y L2
2. Plot 2 On
L1 L2
3 Plot 3 Off
L1 L2
4. Plots Off
5. Plots On
I can't get that Y removed so that it says L1 for Plot 1. How do I change this? I think I deleted it somehow.
Thank you.
Hi, welcome to Cemetech! Make sure you're on the home screen then press [2nd] then [y=] (to go to the stat plot menu). Then move your cursor so it's next to Plot 1 then press [enter]. Next, move your cursor down until it's over the Y. Press [del] to remove the Y. Now press [2nd] then [1] to paste L1. Press [2nd] then [mode] to save the change and quit.

EDIT: For fun I made a GIF showing the steps. I know I used a TI 84 Plus but the steps should be the same.

Make sure you turn on Plot 1 if you want to see it on the graph screen. Currently you have Plot 2 turned on so Plot 2 will be displayed but not Plot 1.

Let me know if you need help or have any other questions!
Fantastic gif !
You solved my problem. Thank you so much!
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