I want to make a game with the DCS UI. I know about the dcs.cemetech.net website but I don’t understand whether I should use BASIC or Assembly. Also I don’t really understand it. Can someone please help.
Which language you should use really comes down to whatever you are more familiar with. Also, what specifically don't you understand? There are a lot of functions that you can use with Doors CS, and it would help if you explained exactly what you are confused about.
I don’t understand what to put into the code. Does assembly and basic have the same functionalities? Which is more easier?
No. Assembly can do basically anything, while TI-BASIC has a ton of limitations that you'll run into after a few hours of using it.
TI-BASIC is easier to learn by far, so use that if you don't have much programming experience already.
How do I learn assembly?
This post gives some information about the more popular guides. However, I highly recommend learning TI-Basic first (if you haven't already) as assembly is not easy to learn, especially if you have little experience in other languages.
I also would recommend learning TI-BASIC first, and also learning C would provide some good foundations for pointers, etc.
Ok. I do already have experience with TI-Nspire BASIC.
Thank you everyone! I now understand how to do this! You’re all such great helpers Wink
JavaApple wrote:
Ok. I do already have experience with TI-Nspire BASIC.

TI-nspire BASIC is quite a bit different than TI-BASIC for the TI-84/83 family calculators. I would recommend looking into TI-83/84 BASIC first, just to get a good idea of the calculator itself. Here are two tutorials I found helpful:
TI-BASIC starter kit by TI Basic Developer
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