I'm planning on building a diy GSM module with a Raspberry Pi 4, A Nuand BladeRF x40, a couple of antennas from Nuand, a couple of signal amplifiers from Nuand, a SIM card reader/writer and blank SIM cards, and software such as Yate, YateBTS, Asterix, 3CX, and VoIP, and I was wondering if I could substitute the BladeRF with a PlutoSDR because it would cost roughly a third of the price of the BladeRF, because I can't afford $815 for the whole module. Sad
Seems like the main downsides of the Pluto are slightly lower channel bandwidth (rated at 20 MHz vs 28 MHz on the x40) and a less stable oscillator. I'd guess that at the x40's price point the general characteristics are better but in ways that are harder to market as well.

You'll have to evaluate whether
  1. Your software will work with either
  2. You need the greater channel bandwidth
  3. Oscillator drift is an issue
The last is tractable per my link above, but the other two less so.
Alright, thank you very much. I don't believe I need total oscillator stability, but I could be wrong, and I'd also figure the BladeRF software would work, but again, I don't know for sure.
For GSM you only need 200 kHz, so either one will work. For a UE module, the transmit freq needs to be referenced to the BTS downlink freq, so as long as there's a frequency correction loop, you should be OK.
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