Hey y'all, I have a proof of concept programme for obfuscating the PoC programme file name

from os import system
from time import sleep
import random

a = 1000000
i = random.randint(1,1000)
while True:
  print("Iter : "+str(a))
  command = "mv *.py q.py"
  command = command.replace("q",str(i))
  i = random.randint(0,10001)
  a += random.randint(0,1000000) //fixed the negative option bug pointed out by Zeroko
  i = a*i

It's written in python, with a very rudimentary encryption algorithm
This is done by multiplying my very large increasing integers together, sort of like RSA.

the sleep is there so it doesn't lag up your console due to crazy fast renames one after another, It did on my machine.

I don't know of any good use for this is, any1 have ideas (that are not malicious).?

EDIT : fixed a bug
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