So I have recently found out about HexaEdit CE, a hex editor for the TI-84 Plus CE. Of course some people in the thread said "oh wow guess i can cheat no-" and I also thought the same thing! So why not make a guide on cheating in games using HexaEdit CE!

! Disclaimer: This guide will not be completed without consent from project authors!

I have already figured out how to cheat in TinyJumper (not made by me, read the disclaimer!) and passed level 13 (my best was 11.76, and gold time is 11.66 Sad ) and finally completed the game.

Fun fact: i actually don't know where to start, but I'll guess I'll make a google docs file.

Update 1 (10.3.2023): Also figured out Pacman
It has been a few days, so no double post.

New update: needing consent from Patrickdavidson for cmonster and calcuzap, but progress has been made. (Thanks Epharius!)
If you figure out how to cheat in Elimination using HexaEdit, you definitely have my consent to publish what you've found.
(Not that I'm going to give any hints Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy )
Challenge accepted.
Project is on hiatus since school. Sorry!
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