How would one go about expanding the archive space on a TI-84 Plus SE? I don't have very much experience with hardware, so this project is probably somewhat unrealistic for me, but I thought I would at least ask to get an idea. So, what would be simplest way to do this? Also, is there a way that this could be done with an SD card? Would that need a driver, and would it be much more complicated?
You cannot. Get a better calculator or build your own.
MateoConLechuga wrote:
You cannot. Get a better calculator or build your own.

This is basically the same question/ response as: Razz
You could try using this app if all you want is more storage, it will allow you to use a USB flash drive as external storage. I haven't used it myself, but the file reviews seem to be quite positive
Yeah, I've seen this before. I might try to use it, but it's not ideal, having to carry around a flash drive and cable. (Also, what cable would you even use?) I'm probably asking about something impossible again, but this seems more reasonable, and I even think I remember hearing about something similar to this being done before. Could there be a way to put the flash drive inside the calculator (I don't know if there's even room), and connect it to the io port from the inside?
Edit I just realized that it works through the USB port, and not the io port. I'm guessing that that would make it harder.
I'm pretty sure msd8x works by using a mini USB to USB type A adapter. Also yeah, I see how having the flash drive always attached could be inconvenient, but I don't think there would be a way to make it any more compact Sad.
Yeah, I just realized that. Oh well. I guess I just aught to get better at making my programs smaller.
You might be able to directly solder a flash drive or a USB to SD card adapter like this one (just a random example; there's almost definitely a more suitable one out there) onto the USB port from the inside, and cut a hole in the case of the calculator for access to the card slot. You would need a way to switch it off, though, or you would be unable to use the USB port for regular communications.
You should note that msd8x only reads flash drives formatted in fat16, so you would almost certainly have to format a flash drive specifically for calculator use.
Okay, so I can just use something like this right?
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