Hey it's been awhile. Since I was last active 'round these parts (circa 2014 or 2015?), I got a new job, new home, new name, new gender. it's been a rollercoaster!

what's new?
Me. I just joined today Smile
Good to have you back - care to share some of your story?

Also have you worked on any calc stuff at all? Smile
Sup, I'm also a noob. Smile Smile
Wow! I think I've seen you in a lot of old threads and I remember downloading a couple of your programs; it's nice to have you back!

CamelCode and Ididagood, welcome!
Welcome back! It never occurred to me that you had been MIA for years Laughing
What's up?
Welcome back, good to have you with us again! What sorts of projects have you been working on, if any?
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