I'd like to know if theres a specific procedure for removing the LCD assembly on the early TI-81. On the LCD board, there are 3 prongs apparently holding down a bracket that houses the LCD, but straightening these prongs and removing the sticky tape on the ribbon cables does not seem to loosen the bracket. I suspect that there might also be glue, not certain about that. The fine ribbon cable was faulty, and though that is not very repairable, I'm curious as to what's beneath the LCD.
I haven't taken apart a TI-81 but I can recall that some other models had a shield that was glued in place (I think).

Kerm might know as he has performed several LCD rescues.
There's no glue on the LCD half, but there may be glue on the RF shield where it meets the bottom of the calculator's keyboard PCB. Remove the two screws securing the bottom of the display assembly to the housing. Use a spudger to knock the PCB's tabs out of the housing's slots on the top left and right sides, and gently lift the display assembly out from the top. The RF shield may be taped in place on top, remove that carefully to prevent damaging the fragile ribbon cables.

Note that a display from a TI-81 with ROM 1.x can't be switched with a display from a TI-81 with ROM V2.0x. A display from a 1.8K TI-81 that doesn't have 1.8K shouldn't be put on a TI-81 without 1.8K. A TI-82 display can be placed on a TI-81 with ROM V2.0x.

Indeed, the fine ribbon cable can't be repaired.
What I had intended to do was remove the lcd component itself from the board to see what's below it. I'm attempting to pull off the metal bracket seemingly attached by metal tabs, as shown in the pictures.

However, the lcd and metal holds firm to the board with no visible screws.
To be honest, I'm not sure if removing the LCD from the board will accomplish anything practical, but I am interested in completely tearing down the 81 LCD assembly.

CVSoft, thanks for letting me know that 1.8K displays are not compatible with other versions. I had contemplated transplanting one of those for their quality, turns out it isn't going to work with this 1.6K TI-81.
Could the metal tabs be soldered?
It also might be glued in place with the tabs for guidance/stability.
Felt like glue when I tried a pry tool, but it doesn't budge beyond a certain point. Not sure if it'll pop off clean with enough force or if one of the components will snap in half.
It came off. Here it is

I used a metal sheet to force apart the glue strips between the lcd and board. Relatively boring side of the board.
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