I'm looking for a code or program that will create blinking text, flash the screen (once), or even create fading text using a TI-84 Plus calculator.

I'm working on a very simple program right now as a pass time thing and I'm stuck on this. I plan to use one of them as a way of notifying the user of something.The program I'm making uses the graph instead of the home screen if that helps.

Also, I'm curious if there's a way to code blinking text on the graphing screen that wont delete/clear any pixels or lines that are currently there

I've searched everywhere online with no luck whatsoever. The closest thing I've found was asking about blinking text on the graph screen, but the code they provided didn't work (probably outdated by now).

TL;DR: I need a code that will blink text, flash the screen, or fade text on the graph screen without deleting anything already there.

If there's no way of doing it without deleting anything, I'll still take any code regardless.

Any help is appreciated!
Here’s something that might work.


StorePic 1
RecallPic 1
Alternatively, you could use a bunch of spaces, like this:

For A,1,10

Just remember the number of spaces is the number of pixels, not the number of characters.

You could also include rand(10 or something in between, so the user can actually read the text.

Hope this helps!

Edit: If you want to make it fade, you will have to use ASM codes to dim the whole screen, which wouldn't really be practical, but it is possible.
Yeah I figured as such regarding the fading text idea.
What I'm doing is a sort of drawing thing, but obviously it'll be different from the existing ones, so I want to be able to store a drawing on a key press and have some way to let the user know it stored it (that's where the flashing or blinking things come in)

I have all the code done except the part to alert them when a pic is stored.

I've also read about similar ideas before but they weren't exactly useful for what I'm doing.

Here's an old thread about blinking text that I read and had no good results with.


Thanks for the help though, I'll definitely see if I can implement them in any way or not.

Any other help will be greatly appreciated!
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