I got errors when I tried a makefile for CGDOOM but it told me that every header file in the directories were not found. These were the one's inside the CGDOOM folder but then I started fiddling around.

I wrote a simple program with a <stdio.h> header and tried to compile it with sh3eb-elf-gcc, it couldn't find it:

fatal error: stdio.h: No such file or directory
#include <stdio.h>
compilation terminated

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I tried <malloc.h>.
Okay so I figured I was being dumb because I forgot to use the dang makefile because seeing the compiler give errors about standard libraries threw me off. I ran make and it found <stdio.h>

However, when adding <malloc.h>, I got the same error. I am looking at the libraries supplied by libfxcg. I don't see anything there on "malloc.h". Should I use my own system's libraries in the path?
Should I use my own system's libraries in the path?
You should not: they're completely different libraries, for a completely different architecture (assuming you're running some flavor of Unix [Mac OS] or Linux on your machine). For malloc (and heap allocation), take a look at this Prizm wiki page and this associated forum discussion.
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