I know that there are plenty of word processors and notepads out there, downloaded all 27 from ticalc, and everyone thinks that there's is the best. I've decided to try my hand at it. My main goals are to have more files than any other and to not use any strings, main lists, matrices etc. I'm still working out details but I'm pretty sure I know how I'll do everything. I'm probably going to do a comparison to others too.
Yeah, I did one of those, although I never released it... I made "importers" for alot of the other ones, then I just kinda let it die... I even had list compression too, which was the only piece of the project that made it onto ticalc.org (it reduced the list to roughly 1/5th of the original size, but unfortunately its a bit slow...)
Yeah, like I said there are a lot. My main goal is to make it better than every one that's out there. It shouldn't be too hard other than beating out Document DE.

Correction, there will be one string used, though it's only temporary. I may make a routine where it searches for an open string, we'll see.
Sage Orator wrote:
Yeah, like I said there are a lot. My main goal is to make it better than every one that's out there. It shouldn't be too hard other than beating out Document DE.

Correctiong, there will be one string used, though it's only temporary. I may make a routine where it searches for an open string, we'll see.

Will this be in ASM?

P.S. Or you could HELP Kerm on Document DE =D
Well, it's in the BASIC topic, so I'd assume it's in BASIC. Rolling Eyes
Office DE will switch to being ASM instead of basic, so working on the current Document DE won't help Kerm any Wink
Oh yeah, you are right about that Laughing .

P.S. I thought i was already asm (office de)
Uh, it will be in BASIC. I don't know a thing about ASM.

I'm pretty sure that I Office DE is going to be made in ASM at some point, or it already is, though I don't see any updates on it recently. I think wouldn't work on Document DE anyway, creative differences.

Here what I plan to have, some of it is the basics so bear with me.

New document
Normal (like in MS Word for recalling with unexpected quits)
Delete document
Find (just like in Document DE and MS Word)
Return key (for a new row)
Filing (I may do this)
Word count (just like in Document DE and MS Word)
Paste string (just like in Document DE)
File size
At least 11 files, probably more but maybe only 9

None of these will be done the same way that they have been done before, mainly because my method will be completly different. Though some people who are on TI-Freakware may recognise some of the code. Trust me it isn't exactly the same. I already have routines for a lot of what I'm going to do, ideas for almost all of the rest of it, and some stuff should be easy.

I may do more but this is what I would have to do to make it the best.
Are you going to allow people to rename the lists and then load them, so that they can manually bypass the built in limit? (its not that hard to add, really)
Not sure what you are asking. You'll have to explain.

Not sure what built in limit you are speaking of. Nor what renaming the lists, the filenames maybe, means exactly, unless it's just renaming the lists and then I'm not sure what that would do.
You said you were going to allow at least 11 files, I am assuming you are using predefined list names, correct? (as unless I am mistaken, thats the ONLY way to do it)

Now if they are all named word1, word2, ..., word11, etc... Will you allow people to do word1->stuff, and then allow stuff to be imported without the user first having to do stuff->word1?
Document DE actually is in ASM, I just never released it. If you search through the past news archives, you'll se the articles and screenshots. I basically jacked its routines into the text editing routines of the DCS 6 GUI.
I suppose, though I have no idea how I would do that. I know that I would be able to display the filename but how I could recall it is where I get lost.
If it is in BASIC, that is simple. When it first runs, have it create a temp list, and use the SetUpEditor trick to determine if a list is there. If the list exists, then simply store 1 to the corresponding list element. Then you could simply list all the "file names" based off of the temp list.
Sure, that works. You can also just use one huge string that has list [dot] filename [dot] [dot] file contents [dot] filename [dot] file contents. That way you can save all kinds overwriting of other strings that other programs might need.
I think I understand, though I'm not thinking too well. Mind giving example code(s)?

Right now I'm working on a list compressor, so that particular feature may go to the back of the bus, so to speak.
To recall a list by a name in string form is simple. This will store whatever list name is in str1 to LWORD1

"L" + Str1->Str1

The zero is there to kill the ANS variable and free up that chunk of RAM. It is not needed.

Oh, and I think it is better to keep each list seperate, so that they can be archived individually, reducing the amount of RAM needed to view a document

Check out that link there, read up on SetUpEditor.
I will try to post some pseudo code up in a bit...
....I think you've explained SetUpEditor to me before tifreak....I know what it does, I'm just not sure how you are applying it.

Still not 100% sure what you guys are trying to get me to do. I know how to recall a list from a name, though I am going to be using a list instead of the string, I'm just not sure how to do it with one that isn't preset.

I was planning on keeping the lists seperate.
I wasn't talking about anything related to what Dan was talking about. I was takling about an efficient way to concatenate all of the information for infinite strings into a single file.
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