There's been a fair amount of feedback on the CEmu GUI. I am planning to rewrite the GUI to make it more gudder, and am looking for feedback on additions and things that need to be improved. Please post your thoughts here Smile
I think that the main issues that can be clearly stated are the screen not fitting on top of the keyboard on smaller computers, and the calculator not capturing keypresses automatically.
There's also a weirdness to the docking system that makes it hard to use and understand and is difficult to articulate - until you've learned how to use it, you can't really explain what's wrong with it, and once you understand it, it no longer bugs you enough to complain - I think this is why nobody has really given much feedback up until this point.
I think having preset layouts would make it easier to learn how to use CEmu, both for those just wanting to try games or do math on it and for those who want to use it to debug assembly.

A more minor point - I think "send" and "receive" should be split into their own docks, as you rarely receive vars from the calculator unless you're specifically testing something to do with appvars or USB transfers.
I agree with commandblockguy about the screen fitting on top of the keyboard, and I think that the suggestion of preset layouts is a good one. I'd also like the docking to be easier, because when I first started using it, I would end up with undocked windows that I couldn't add to the layout (even some simple snap right/left/up/down controls would be really helpful here). Maybe make the sensitivity higher, if you can? As a somewhat useless suggestion, I'd also like a dark UI theme, because I think it would look better than the current light theme.

Thanks for your time working on this too, I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
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