Recently, I started trying to make a game called Trader (which I may or may not finish) on the CE. Usually I create most of my programs with Node.js, so trying to wrap my head around the much more limited TI-Basic is about as hard as learning how to code from scratch. So to help myself learn a bit more about TI-Basic, I decided to create a transpiler, to convert a JavaScript-like language to ICE. The planned features are:
    ▪ Full on Arrays(that support strings),
    ▪ Functions,
    ▪ Multipurpose variables,
    ▪ Packages,
    ▪ Greater control over the calculator than TI-Basic,
    ▪ Tilemaps,
    ▪ Objects,
    ▪ and possibly more.

The project is meant to be an alternative to ICE, and was inspired by ICE in the first place
Glacier is a work in progress, so don't expect much from it right now. I'll probably be done by February (No promises though). Expect updates to this thread after every major milestone.

This sounds really cool! I look forward to getting to test it out.
Why not just use C?
MateoConLechuga wrote:
Why not just use C?

Ummmmmmmmmm, pointers and stuff? JS is a language that is more beginner friendly, so Glacier tries to replicate that.
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