An ICE project under development, TOoL: svX is a Pokémon like game but with less freedom to do stuff, so it feels more like a book rather than a game.
This is another chapter/edition based project, with the name for the next chapter already known (watch for leaks!). The reason why I won't be posting PRGM.CE Unit 2, Speedread Edition 2, or Area Finder (Normal) is because of this project and CC26: Screensaver.
This is going to be my best project yet, and I would like to have some pointers/ideas from text-based program creators and ICE creators.

Fellow coder,
keep up the good work! I like how enthusiastic you are about the calculator community. I don't code in ICE but Colossal Cave Adventure is a good place to start.
Quick question: What's Colossal Cave Adventure?
Its a classic text adventure game that incidentally was ported to the 84 ce as part of a text engine.
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