Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is being released for the Nintendo Switch. It's said to include EVERY character from the original to Smash 4. Everything seems to be in order. Ice Climbers returned. Splatoon and Princess Daisy was added. But then, we notice something: there was no Waluigi. Sakurai had added him as an assist trophy in Ultimate rather than a character. Why? Why did Nintendo ignore the cries of the community that had urged them to add our purple friend to the roster, rather than putting him on the sidelines? Since 2000, Waluigi was seen as a joke. He never got his own game and was only seen in the spin-offs. Now, no Waluigi in Smash 5 is the final insult. He needs some love! WHO WILL JOIN ME!
But .... he *is* a spinoff character?

That being sid, surely it can't be too hard to include him - I wonder if there will be any DLC for this game?
Conspiracy theory:
Kerm is the live action version of Waluigi.
Whoa. I think womp is onto something. Quick womp, we must hide before they come to kill us to cover it up.
tr1p1ea wrote:
But .... he *is* a spinoff character?

This is all the more reason to add him! Luigi was a clone of Mario. Wario was an evil clone of Mario. Waluigi was a clone of a clone. Maybe that is why the internet loves him so much, because he's the underdog we're rooting for. Eventually, Daddy Sakurai will make that DLC and right what is wrong.
I honestly couldn't care less about Waluigi, mainly because he was the one character that prevented me from beating Mario Party on my DS on the final level/round on the hardest difficulty! I will never forgive him for his deeds. Evil or Very Mad
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