Hey Guys, I recently watched a youtube video showing a Cemetech Android app. I thought that was interesting, so I went to Google Play, and tried to find it. To my displeasure, I realized that the whole video was an April Fool's joke. I wasn't to happy about that, as an app for Cemetech would be nice to have. As such, I made the Cemetech webpage into an Android App using GoNative.io

You can download the app here.

You will most likely be greeted with a message saying something like: "For your security, your phone is set to block installation from unknown sources". This is easily fixable, as all you need to do is to click the button on your screen labeled "Settings", and then tick the box that says allow from this source. Just go back one screen and hit install, and voila, you now have the Cemetech Android App.

Also, there is no spot in the archives for android apps, so where should I post this?
For those curious about the prank: https://www.cemetech.net/news.php?year=2018&month=3&id=882

Our reasoning behind not creating a mobile app for Cemetech is two fold. (1) The site is already fairly mobile friendly by being responsive to smaller viewports and (2) a proper app is another version of Cemetech we need to keep up to date.
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