Maybe I have a setting wrong or something or this is a issue with all calculators, but my clock stops ticking when i shut the calculator off.

Is there a solution to this problem?
Unfortunately, no, not that I know of.

The best option would be to set your clock every time you turn the calculator on :/

There might be an assembly script, but that’s far out of my experience, and it would just drain your battery faster.

What are you using the clock for, anyways? Smile
It should keep running when the calc is off, but reset when your calc is reset. TI's engineers are not exactly the brightest crowd: it would be easy to keep the clock running on a backup battery (like all modern computers), and by keeping a 'data' file in archive, allow for the clock to be accurate after a ram reset. However they dont; in fact i heard the clock is reset by the ASIC when the calc resets - preventing a user program from implementing a "better clock" that would keep the time through ram resets.
As much as I like to complain about TI's engineering, I don't think it's fair to call them dumb. It would be more accurate to say that their managers make short-sighted decisions, which limit the long-term flexibility of their products. Many, if not most, of the engineers that worked on the TI-84+CE also worked on the TI-83+, whose app system was actually fairly well-designed and flexible given the limits of the hardware and low penetration of residential Internet service at the time. My point is that when TI wants to make something flexible and extensible for the future, they can; their current tendency isn't toward bad engineering, but merely inflexible engineering.

As for why a hard reset clears the clock, too, well, it's simple. It's a hard reset. The entire ASIC gets reset, including the clock circuit (RTC). They could definitely have decided not to include the clock in the reset signal, but since being a timekeeper isn't one of the calculator's design goals, they included the RTC in the reset logic, likely so that they wouldn't have to worry about whether the RTC could get stuck in an invalid state and confuse itself or the OS.

However, simply turning off the calculator shouldn't stop the clock when you turn the calculator off. Is the calculator entering deep-sleep mode when you turn it off? (This should happen if you don't turn the calculator back on for a few days.) I'm not sure if the RTC is stopped in deep-sleep. If other new calculators are doing this, then it's a serious hardware bug that TI, sadly, might not feel is worth fixing.
Sounds like a faulty RTC.
The REAL LAX18 wrote:
Maybe I have a setting wrong or something or this is a issue with all calculators, but my clock stops ticking when i shut the calculator off.

Is there a solution to this problem?

You might want to resend the OS?
I guess its not that big of a problem.... Thanks tho.

and _iPhoenix_ I wanted the Cesium clock to be correct.
I have the same issue with my ti-84 plus CE and my TI-83 premium CE.
(well, it's normal, they are very very close)
When i let them off during a few days, the clock go back in first january 2015 12h00.

I think TI does that to avoid clock drain to much energy.
These calculators are for school and i think a student prefer have a clock issue than a dead battery during a test.

Plus it can be a security measure : suppose a malicious program run in backdoor of your system and block your calculator any time you switch it ON, the hibernate system will terminate any process.

P.S. : Or... it's an attemp from TI to make you travel in time...
Or 01/01/2015 12h00 is a special date for TI's team, it was 2015 new year, they drink and maybe things happen (kind of night you wake up with a unwanted tatoo) and they want to celebrate that particular date... "Anything happen in TI stay in TI"

Well it ruine a little bit any tamagoshi program (except if you say the tamagoshi is dead when you dont manage it one full day for example)
Given that my calc seems to be very close to 01/01/2015 as well, despite the ram not having been reset for weeks, I think it might very well be that deep-sleep resets the RTC. However, just turning it off with 2nd ON shouldn't cause that to happen.
Yes Mr Womp Womp i share your opinion.

A confirmation could be to test... but i dont know when begin the deep sl'eep on ti plus ce, 3 days ? 4 days ? dono
This is still a issue for my calc...

Sometimes it works, and it retains time, but it does not often.
LAX18, do you mean it happen even without deep sleep ?
I am really not sure. It happens over the course of a day occasionaly. IIRC, thats too little of an amount of time for deep sleep.

I realize I forgot to mention it resets to 1/1/2015 at 12:00 AM as previously stated.
one day ???
It's crazy, it means it's totally unstabble...
Probably a bug in the OS...
But i refuse to evoluate to the next OS.
I am in 5.3.0 and the management of memory is really too cool.
With this OS we have a real access to the full memory plus ASM...
Except if one day Texas Instrument re-validate the usage of ASM and return to a user friendly politic.
If not they open the highway for concurrency. (Numworks for example is a very promising actor of calculator world)
I am sorry for you LAX18. Maybe i am in the same case, i didnt have the ooccasion to check on mines...
I have only noticed the clock resets after crashing the calc or waking from deep sleep. Both of those I assume disable or reset most of the calculator.
My 84 CE has a similar bug too. Normally, when the calculator wakes from "deep sleep", the display will be all white for 3 seconds, the homescreen and the clock will be reset, but not the RAM. However, my calculator does this every few days, even with daily usage.
If I have free time, I should test whether or not this is affected by ASM programs, after reinstalling the OS.
If anyone's curious, my TI 84 CE is Radical Red manufactured March 2015 with OS 5.30, boot code
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