i am Florian from Stuttgart/Germany. 36 years old, working as a system engineer embedded devices for a german automotive suppliers. Hobby : all those computer stuff things !
At the beginning of this year I had to vacate my cellar due to relocation. Since I have found some boxes from my studies. My treasure chest ... Very Happy!
At that time I had a faible for calculators from Texas Instruments. Ti-68, Ti-73, Ti-81, Ti-84, Ti-85, Ti-91, Ti-92, Ti-89 / voyage200 and a broken cbl2 device. This has totally turned me on and I once looked around what Ti still has to offer today. So I decided to order the nspire cx cas. Yeah fancy device but a trimmed and useless TI BASIC. LUA! WTF LUA why LUA ??? Please do not misunderstand that now should not start any discussion about LUA just my own opinion.
I think this device needs its own box, in no case he comes in my treasure chest.
So now I am here, probably because I googled ti-89 cbl2 (it's broken) and arduino Very Happy!
Yesterday I could briefly test the ArTICL lib. Unfortunately, no chance to compile that. Lots of error messages in the TICL.h TIvar.h, some I could try to fix, some I miss the insight. Many links on this board are deadlinks. And now comes my first question: For which Arduinos is this lib? Arduino Uno or others?

Maybe in the next few days i will ask tons of question on this topic : -D

Welcome to Cemetech, Florian!

This post would have been better posted in the Introduce Yourself thread, but bygones be bygones!

As for your question about arTICL, I did a bit of digging and I found that most any arduino board is compatible (So Uno will work). For more help, please consult the Github repo and watch the following setup video:
Hey LAX18,

thanks, yes I've got all the howtos from KermMartian looked at youtube and have already soldered me an arduino ti connector shield. At the moment it is not possible for me to compile for arduino, many error messages from the libraries so your right i'll open a issue on Github.

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