Hello! Does anyone know how to use the plotfield() command on khicas? using fx 9750 giii. I want to try and graph y' = ysin(x) but everytime I try to put it as plotfield(y*sin(x)), it says bad argument value. How can I fix this and plot it as is?
Variables must be passed as arguments,
You can also specify the x and y range there
I have just added a new experimental feature in KhiCAS and Micropy on the FXCG50, when you save a session (or if you leave the application), the calculator will display a QR code. If you scan the QR code with your favorite mobile device, it should open your browser on the web version of Xcas and clone your session there.
It is unfortunately more complicated to do the reverse operation...
@parisse Is it possible to solve trigonometric equations exactly (within an interval)? For example, if I had solve(cos(x)=1/2,x=(0,pi)) it would return pi/3 ... etc
solve(cos(x)=1/2 and x>0 and x<pi)
Thanks. Is there plans for implementing reciprocal trigonometric functions and calculus with them?
I don't understand your question: asin, acos and atan are implemented and available for CAS computations
Sorry @parisse, I meant sec, cosec and cot. I know sec is implemented but I don't see the others working.
That's because sec,cosec and cot are not fundamental trigonometric functions like sin/cos. If they are not already defined like sec, you can easily define them as user functions , e.g. for cosecant you can run
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