My TI84+CE's [2nd] Key is stuck in its down position. Pressing the [2nd] button still works, but there's literally no movement of the key. I can manually push up the key, but pressing it will result in the stuck downward position. What should I do? I don't want to keep it in this position and fear for breaking it and having no [2nd] key, but I also don't want to open my calculator if I break something. Advice?

Btw... the [2nd] key has been steadily wearing down for the year I've had it, and TI-Boy CE's release hasn't helped any because of required rapid use of the [2nd] key in many of gameboy games.

I also don't want to buy a new one...
I have the same problem with my up arrow, but I don't it will result any any more wear than normal usage.
Okay! Very Happy

Also... my warranty hasn't expired yet! Yay me! I wonder if it will be brand new quality if I replace it.
Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Take a look at this guide on ifixit. It's for the Ti 84 plus SE but I think it should suffice. If you can get to the membrane, try and fix or diagnose what's wrong. If you can't fix it, you can buy a cheap, broken CE on ebay and just swap out the key membrane.

EDIT: Yeah, if your calculator is still under warranty, you should just ask them for a new calculator.
It probably will be brand new.

If you don't want to, push the key in, pull it out, push it in, repeat. (shut up mets11rap Razz)
and if you can, take something like a needle and clean the sides of the button.
Oh, should I also mention that my log key and 4 key are both sticky? I love the feeling of pressing it, but... you know...
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