i am buying HP Prime graphing calc for a friend in prison who has no computer access so i must download some apps before sending the calc to him... he wants to know
o is there a link downloading the Graph 3-D app and also for Chess? other games and where can i find them?
o what other apps are available besides the ones that come w/the calc and where can i find them?

i will hire a computer tech to download these from my home computer before sending to my friend but i need to have the websites ready for him to access so i don't waste his time.

many thanks to anyone who can help... jamr
Hey I, I had a little trouble understanding your post.
So you want to know where a 3D Graphing app is? I don't fully understand why you need one since there's already a built-in 3D grapher. However you can still find a few 3rd party ones here. As for Chess, you can find a version that's severly lacking in features here. (thanks to MateoConLechuga for finding this website!)

You can get several other games on HPcalc.org. The next best site would be TI Planet here. The Cemetech supply is quite limited.

I don't think you need to hire someone to download these programs and send them to the calculator. It's not too hard, you can follow a tutorial Mateo found for me on YouTube.

Let us know if you need any more help! Smile
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