I am running into an issue:

I need to design a system which serves a page for an article. My first thought was to store a .txt or .cfg or .xml or whatever per article (or, even better, a database) with individual information and serve them all with a single PHP script, which would greatly facilitate editing and managing the data in general. However, I figured this would create SEO problems, as the crawlers wouldn't see every single page.

Are there any elegant solutions to this problem?
I don't think it would create any SEO problems, unless I'm understanding you wrong here. Many forums are served via a single PHP script. For example, all of the topics on Cemetech are served by viewtopic.php. Search engines see each topic as a separate page. As long as the article has a unique URL, you should be good.

Even blogs run on a similar idea but they just use .htaccess to rewrite the URL. This makes it a little neater if you plan to have a bunch of info in the URL, in my opinion.
Ah, this is good to know. Really makes my life easier. Thanks!
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