Yo, its been a few years since posting. But hey, just getting back into programming and of course already need some help.
I am making an rpg, which is going to have a lot of map data, and I want to "compress" in order to fit it and the program in ram. This is getting programmed in ti-basic with the doors hook in order to use the real( command.
Right now this is what I have.


"Map data stored in list
(10.1, 8.2, 2.1, 8.2, 2.1, 8.2, 10.1-> L1
"Integer part is number of times that tile appears in a row, fpart is tile number
For(y, 1, 5
For(x, 1, 10
"Get integer part
For(T, 1, U
<draw tile code here>

Is this the best way memory wise, and speed wise, to do it?
Since you are using Doors libs, you will have access to xLIB's DrawTileMap or xLIBC's DrawMap commands. These will probably be the fastest you will get in hybrid-basic.
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