I want to change a few addresses in the ti 84 plus SE OS file, but obviously just changing them and trying to send it over doesn't work. I saw brandonW's site had a "patch" for an OS where he just put instructions on which memory addresses to change and what to change them to which makes me think this idea is feasible. Right now my calc starts receiving the OS that I modified but once it hits 100% it says ERROR and nothing has changed. How does it verify true TI OS's and how can I fool it into allowing mine in? Thanks in advance!

EDIT: The other question I have is if an assembly program can accomplish the same goal. I know MicrOS on the CSE was able to edit the OS on calc.
Um... I would ask Mateo about this. I know he is familiar with this as he made a CE OS template and should be able to help you send a 'unauthorised' OS Very Happy
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