Welcome to The Mall!
The Mall is a new commercial building located in the town of New Chicago, at roughly x: 620 z: 840. You can travel there whatever way you like, whether it be walking, running, sailing, taking the railway, going through the nether, using an elytra...

Anyways, The Mall is a marvelous new place to buy, sell, and trade items. I know several shops these days are fairly empty (just look at mine), and that there are nowhere near as many players active as there are shop spaces... but I have built it anyways! So, if you would like a shop space, feel free to grab one! Just message me when I'm online or ping me through IRC.

There are a few large shop spaces at either end of the Mall, which are mainly reserved for the wealthier players if they would like one. However, they may be divided or shared since they are so large.

Normal shop spaces are currently priced at 700 denarii, but may be expanded to include another identical shop space next to them, increasing the price to 1400 denarii.

The corner shops, by the escalators, are 1000 denarii.

There are also small shop stands, intended for less wealthy players or who have even less to sell. They are priced at 200 denarii.

In addition, The Mall is designed with 2 layer thick walls just about everywhere, so you are completely free to change the walls, floors, and ceiling in your shop to whatever block you want. If you own a small shop stand, you are also free to change them completely as long as they do not exceed the standard size.

If you have any questions or other messages, just ask!
Update: So far 2 of the shops have been purchased! One of the corner shops is owned by _iPhoenix_ and the other corner shop opposite of it is owned by LittleMoonBeam.

If you would like a shop in The Mall, be sure to contact me. And remember, you may combine 2 adjacent normal shops if you are looking for more space.

Also, don't forget to decorate/redesign your shop space! It's always good to see some variety. You are encouraged to change the floors/ceiling/walls.
Just a suggestion:

You could price the stalls at a per-shop basis, so that a single chest selling one item is something cheap, like 50d. These should be rented out, so that it's like 50d for, say, a month, but you can pay for <x> months up front.
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